JK praises Schmudke skills after landing in the Liverpool.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has described Jorge Schmudke. Who has been linked with the club’s sporting directorship. As a “talented” talent and a “great person”.

Schmudke parted ways with Wolfsburg in February after four years of working together with British media reporting. He is set to take over as Liverpool’s sporting director. Julian Ward in the summer

When asked about the possibility of Schmudke joining Liverpool, Klopp said: “I can’t talk about that. But if it happens It won’t be the signing of Jürgen Klopp because we’re both German or because we know each other. It’s not related.”

“I’ve known Jorge Schmudke for a long time. He probably didn’t know me as long as I knew him because he was a much better player. But we started around the same time. our second job I was a coach at Mainz and he was sporting director at Aachen. The two teams were about the same level. Then we got to know each other a little.”UFABET

“I know he’s a good guy and a smart guy. Good at what he does in Germany Of course, it was a huge success too. Good character, good personality, good sense of humor, I knew that from the moment I was on the sidelines.

“We can talk about Zorc (former Dortmund sporting director who worked with Klopp) about the same age. The situation is similar. I know him a little better. There are good sporting directors in Germany that you might not even think about.