Catalan media spin Bernardo to break the boat to Barcelona.

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva is claim to be lobbying for a move away from the Etihad Stadium. Because it is already saturate with La Liga Barcelona.

Reports from ‘ Mundo Deportivo ‘ Pro Catalan media. That the 27 – year-old has discussed with team manager Josep Guardiola about the plans in his head. Including telling the agency that he wants to Go out for a new challenge UFABET.

Bernardo ‘s contract is still until June 2025. But he is ready to urge City to sell out to Camp Nou. Believing that ‘ Azul Grana ‘ will be able to find a sum of money to pay the fee despite his status rickety fiscal.  

The Portuguese star played for City for five seasons. MakE 251 appearances in total , scoring 48 goals , winning four English Premier League titles. One FA Cup and four League Cups. Only missing out on the Champions League trophy have entered the final 2021. 

Bernardo Silva began playing for Benfica’s youth clubs in 2002-2013, then was named in the Benfica B-team in 2013-2015 and progressed to the senior team in 2013-2015. He also moved on loan to Monaco in 2014-2015, before being bought permanently by Monaco in 2015, where he made 86 appearances and scored 22 goals, most recently joining Manchester. City in 2017